Children’s Classes

Children's Classes

Children as young as 6 years old (first grade)  are welcome to join the Atelier. Children progress through distinct phases as they mature in relation to making art. These stages cannot be rushed. We provide individualized instruction to all of our students to facilitate their development by starting with what they know and what they want to make. Concepts and techniques are slowly added in relation to each child’s concern and ability. Projects are planned in the context of each student’s individual interests. Most decisions are made by the child with guidance provided by the instructor. In this way creative and critical skills are fostered with an emphasis on personal invention.

Drawing & Painting

Students always choose both subject and materials (pencil, pencil crayons, pastel, watercolour, acrylic). Composition and drawing are emphasized. Once completed drawings can serve as a base for paintings or be coloured with other media.



One and Two point perspective are introduced and explained in relation to student’s ideas and individual projects.



Students choose both subject and materials (clay, cardboard, wire, paper mache). Emphasis is placed on design, where students plan the sculpture on paper to consider different aspects before making them.


Cours de Dessin

This is the same as the adult course except that expectations are modified to fit the ability and interest level of each student.