• May 1, 2014

    April Newsletter

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art April 2014 Newsletter
    Thanks to everyone who came out to our Hanami Party last month. We might have had the best day of what is always a very short Sakura “season” This year was particularly short with all the rain and unfashionable weather that we had during those 2 brief weeks. Pictures have been up for a while on our Facebook page and now are on our blog as well. One thing that I always do during the hanami time is to do some oil painting, but unfortunately with all of the rain I was unable to arrange the time to do so this year. Well, better luck next year for that! Hanami is one of the 2 big events that we have here each year at Ebisu Atelier d’Art, the other is our Autumn Student Exhibition, which will be in October at a gallery very close to the Atelier. More about that over the following months, but I wanted to let everyone know now so that we call all start working towards that. Both work done in class and personal work done outside of class is welcome in the exhibition and is always a great time. Unfortunately the painting that I sent to the competition in London was rejected but this is not surprising as it is almost impossible to get into, but you have to keep on trying. Right now I am finishing a sculpture, which will soon be cast in bronze and be going to Paz University in Gunma. I will write more on that once it is finished. If I can I will hold an exhibition for it before sending it to Gunma.
    Hope to see everyone soon and happy art-making!
    Craig & Romeo
    恵比寿アトリエでアートニュースレター 20144月号

  • May 1, 2014

    Hanami Pictures!

  • March 21, 2014

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art 3rd Annual Hanami Party 2014 /恵比寿アトリエでアート第3回花見パーティ2014

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art March Newsletter: Supplemental
    3rd Annual Hanami Party 2014
    Date: Saturday March 29
    Place: Arisugawa Park
    Time: 12:00-late 
    Ok it’s that time of year again and it’s time to act fast! As most of you may know one of our favourite annual events is our Hanami Party. I will reserve us a nice spot bright and early and please come anytime you want from noon onward.
    The place we like to go is Arisugawa Park (across from National Azabu Supermarket close to Hiroo station) at the top of the Hill, near the back of the park in a small circular grove of Cherry trees that surround Yasutake Funakoshi’s beautiful bronze statue of a nude boy.
    Everyone and anyone is welcome to come. Even if you no longer take classes you are welcome. Please bring friends and family. The more the merrier. If you could let me know if you would like to come that would be great, but if you just show up that will be fine as well. I will bring some snacks and drinks, but please bring something to share with each other.
    As this is the Atelier Hanami we love to draw and paint the Sakura as we relax eat, drink and enjoy each others company under the cherry blossoms. I will bring some basic supplies for the children to make pictures with, but if everyone could bring sketchbooks or anything that they might need to draw or paint that would be great.
    Please call me if you are having troubles finding the location: (080)4177-6776
    Looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can!
    Craig & Romeo

  • March 21, 2014

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art Newsletter March 2014 / 恵比寿アトリエでアートニュースレター2014年3月号

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art Newsletter March 2014
    Hi, I hope everyone has been keeping warm. I love the cold, but I understand for Tokyo this is chilly. January was so busy here at the Atelier that I feel like I’m just starting to settle into this year and now it will soon be March! I have been busy working towards finishing an oil painting that I will soon be sending to the BP Portrait Competition in London. This is one of the most famous competitions in the world for portraiture. I tried once to get into the exhibition 2 years ago and failed. Hopefully things will be different this time, but either way I am happy that it will be the best painting that I have ever made.
    Classes here are going well as always with a lot of new students and returning students. We have our weekly life drawing class with a model usually Thursday night that anyone is welcome to attend. As well we have Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo every 3rd Wednesday of the month. We have a new venue for Dr. Sketchy’s at IVVA in Harajuku, which is really amazing. Everyone should come out for some fun and draw! For more on Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo :
    There are of course numerous fantastic exhibitions all over town. I hope that you have found some time to go and see some great art!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,
    Craig & Romeo

  • December 7, 2013

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art November Newsletter/恵比寿アトリエでアート ニュースレター 11月号

    Ebisu Atelier d’Art November Newsletter
    Hello Everyone,
    I hope everyone is doing well now that Autumn has finally arrived. The leaves have finally started to change and the temperature has gone down. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Atelier Exhibition at the Pink Cow last month. We had a great reception and the show was well received by everyone who saw it. You can pick up your artwork here at the Atelier either at your next lesson, or at a time of your convenience. As well we had some great Jack ‘o Lantern carving lessons at the end of October. Unfortunately this year I did not make one, but I have been making pumpkin pie instead! You can see the pictures from the exhibition and our children’s Halloween classes on the blog
    As always there are a lot of fantastic exhibitions around town. I recently saw the Michelangelo exhibit in Ueno and must make time to see the Turner exhibit (also in Ueno.
    Hope to see everyone soon,
    Craig & Romeo
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    恵比寿アトリエでアート ニュースレター 11月号