Ebisu Atelier d’Art was established on October 11 2010 and offers instruction of traditional European art.
The Atelier acknowledges that each individual is unique. All students are given differentiated instruction which is directed and adapted to meet their individual levels of concern and understanding.
The techniques and procedures that we teach have literally been passed down from master to student in a tradition that extends unbroken for over six hundred years.
We are proud to bring such time honoured instruction and practices to Japan with the founding of Ebisu Atelier d’Art.

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Mission Statement

Ebisu Atelier d’Art is committed to passing on the great tradition of European art. The Atelier acknowledges that art is essentially an oral tradition and therefore collaboration with, and demonstration by an adept instructor is the most expedient method of learning. Proficiency in figure construction and modeling is used to develop a student’s personal sense and understanding of form. Concepts and Theories are both explained and applied to the practical processes of figuration.