Ebisu Atelier d’Art November Newsletter/恵比寿アトリエでアート ニュースレター 11月号

  • Ebisu Atelier d’Art November Newsletter
    Hello Everyone,
    I hope everyone is doing well now that Autumn has finally arrived. The leaves have finally started to change and the temperature has gone down. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Atelier Exhibition at the Pink Cow last month. We had a great reception and the show was well received by everyone who saw it. You can pick up your artwork here at the Atelier either at your next lesson, or at a time of your convenience. As well we had some great Jack ‘o Lantern carving lessons at the end of October. Unfortunately this year I did not make one, but I have been making pumpkin pie instead! You can see the pictures from the exhibition and our children’s Halloween classes on the blog www.ebisart.blogspot.jp
    As always there are a lot of fantastic exhibitions around town. I recently saw the Michelangelo exhibit in Ueno and must make time to see the Turner exhibit (also in Ueno.
    Hope to see everyone soon,
    Craig & Romeo
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    恵比寿アトリエでアート ニュースレター 11月号

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